​​Need some help with your health? Get a dog! Dogs are considered your best friend. Having a dog gives you many health benefits.

Dog owners benefit from their pet's in several ways:

​1) Cardiovascular health benefits

​It has long been known that stroking a pet reduces blood pressure. Dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than others. These two factors lower the chance for cardiovascular diseases.

Some studies state that these benefits continue even without the pet available. For example, they tested with a group of financiers with hypertension, that they got a lower blood pressure just by owning a pet.

Blood cholesterol levels are lower than average with dog owners. When compared to people who didn't own any pets to people who owned the pet, pet owners have lower blood pressure and lower levels of blood triglycerides and cholesterol. 



​2) Faster recovery times and higher survival rates with therapy dogs

Hospital studies have found that recently operated patients, especially kids and seniors, reacted better to treatment with therapy dogs. Bringing the pets to visit sick patients has clearly raised their spirits and led to a decrease in recovery times. Just petting a dog is having a direct, positive therapeutic impact that helps patients overcome their health issues quicker.


Also, dog owners have a higher chance to survive after undergoing a severe illness.

There has been studies about pet owners who suffered from a heart attack. Studies show, that compared to those who did not own pets, they were more likely to be alive a year after they were released from the hospital.  

Another study interestingly found that pets affected patients survival rate even more than the presence of a family member or friend. Probably it would be best to have both - someone close to you, and a pet.

​3) Fewer visits to the doctor if you own a pet

​Patients who have dogs get mental benefits. It has been known that pet owners have better emotional health than their counterparts.

Pets give unconditional love and affection. Their presence alone helps overcome loneliness. Their presence helps sick people who might otherwise be isolated.

The stress of fighting the major illnesses alone is hard. Several studies have shown that the pressure is significantly reduced when you have a dog as company.

​As you can see, having a dog is an excellent investment for your health.

Well, nobody can say that getting a dog will definitely help you live longer, but it’s not a bad idea if you have the capacity to take care of it.

And dog owners usually get more physical activity, which could help to prolong a healthy life.

So, go out and get a dog as it brings a lot of joy and companionship besides the health benefits that you can receive.